The Bees Caged

This is a features post about The Bees Caged by Rhayn Jooste, which is out now on Amazon in print on demand and kindle format.

The Bees Caged

Above is a personal vlog video from our erstwhile editor, Rhayn Jooste, about his first in print book: The Bees Caged. It is a unique look into learning classical guitar pieces, alongside actually learning your fretboard. Filled with tons of extras such as: focus bars, Hendrix lesson, CAGED cheat sheets and three copies of the score. The highlight is the fact that you get three copies of the score. Agustin Barrios’s original 1922 edition, with his fingering, a modern interpretive score and a ghost score, which details all the nuances of the theory and the CAGED shapes – bar by bar. It also has playing and technique tips for tacking this awesome piece, a practical addition to any guitarists library.

Free Stuff

The great thing about this book is you can get an idea of its content right here. Below is a link to a series of lessons Rhayn did for us here at Cgrocks on the Bees and the CAGED system – where the idea for the book came from originally. With a free download of the focus section, and of course videos for each.

Lesson one starts – here CAGED Part 1

And below is the YouTube playlist for these lessons.

Free Kindle Copy

Or if you want your own copy. Get a print copy now on Amazon and you will get the kindle version free! Click the link below.

UK Amazon

USA Amazon

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