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YouTube Inspiration: Musicianship Playlist

These CGRocks post are here to provide some outside YouTube inspiration for your guitar practice and daily music habits.

This list contains some real gems of insight into musicianship, the ability to think and make music, from a wide variety of sources. There is Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke; Steve Vai, Martin Taylor; Bernstein and Barenboim and Bob Reynolds.All amazing artists but let’s focus on one very briefly.

Of that list I would like to introduce Bob Reynolds, and his life through his amazing VLOGS. One seriously hard working musician, who inspires.

Bob Reynolds (wikipedia entry here) is one of the dudes from Snarky Puppy (who!!? Check this link). So, and apologies here Bob (word limits and all that), in a nutshell: He is an alumni of Berklee, has a grammy and he plays sax and most importantly he also cares enough to share his life and knowledge over Youtube. So below are my top three videos, and this was a tough choice as no way have I seen all of them, but of the ones I have watched these are worth sharing. In no particular order other than what I can see on YouTube:


(and yes kids do not drive whilst VLOGging..not healthy!)


There is some guitar music here!


So hopefully this little side trip gives you some insight and some inspiration for getting in and playing music, not just guitar!

Want more? Check out Rhayn Jooste’s YouTube Channel.


Classical guitarist who strives to share a little #6stringinspiration.

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