Approaching Etude No. 2 Villa-Lobos

Approaching Etude No. 2 Villa-Lobos

This post deals with how to approach learning the awesome Etude No. 2 by Villa-Lobos. It has a series of videos that will walk you through how to learn and effectively practice this study. It is the second lesson in the #villalobos12in12 challenge.

#villalobos12in12 & Etude No. 2 by Villa-Lobos

I bet, like me, you want to play all 12 of Villa-Lobos’ awesome studies? And not just kind of perform them, but actually play and understand them!

Have you found it a little tough to get some of them started, or even finished? Well I have created a unique method for learning these awesome studies. Check out the intro below.

If you haven’t got it already, here is the best edition to buy currently for Villa-Lobos’ 12 Etudes.

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If you’re wondering why! Check out this detailed post on all the current editions available, and why I have chosen this particle one.

Full of detail and long post on editions

Short Cut Tip

So, there is no short cut tip for this etude no. 2. There is however an excellent bit of advice. Plant your RH thumb on the 6th string after you have used it. It creates stability for the hand and fingers while you are playing all those string crossing arpeggios.

Etude No. 2 RH & LH Co-ordination

Classical Guitar Villa-Lobos Etude 2 Lesson

The video below walks through learning to learn etude no. 2 by Villa-Lobos. The approach taken to this study needs to different as you have to co-ordinate both hands. This requires a slightly more detailed approach to learning the notes in each bar. Check the video out for full details. And again all example are fully tabbed out in the study guide.

More Videos will added each week in February

First 10 bars

Villa-Lobos Etude 2 Lesson arpeggios

Below is the video for the first 10 bars to etude no. 2. It covers fingering and how to approach  to both LH and RH fingers. Along with the main tips to getting this challenging etude off the ground.

Big Middle Scale

Villa-Lobos Etude 2 Lesson shifts

Below is the video for the big technical challenge for this study: the Bach style scale pattern up 1 string. Here you are focusing on shifting and finger order. Make sure that your LH is under control, no flailing, and relaxed.

Micro Studies 12 – 15 Compound Barres

Below is the video for the 2nd half of etude no. 2 and it hols all the barre chord types you are ever going to come across in guitar music: full, half and hinge barre chords. Make sue you are not squeezing with your LH thumb, it is leveraging the arm, with a little help from the thumb. If you still have issues check out this post on barre chords.

Barre Chord Basics

Playing the Ending: Bicords

villa-lobos etude 2 ending #villalobos12in12

Below is the video for the actual ending of etude no. 2, as Villa-Lobos intended it, using bicords. What are they? These is the technique of resonating a string at two places simultaneously. Want to know more? Check out the video below, it will show you.


Etude No. 3 Next

Next in the series is Etude No. 3 by Villa-Lobos. This study focuses on LH legato, or slurs, or as us guitarists known them hammers & pull-offs. It is a great warm up piece and will really challenge your LH’s ability.


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