Bach Allegro BWV 998 Lesson

Bach Allegro BWV 998 Lesson

This guitar lesson shows you how to learn the awesome Allegro from BWV 998 by J.S. Bach. It has a series of videos that will walk you through how to practice & effectively perform each section of this piece. Giving fingering tips, any hacks, and many more insights into learning this old masterpiece. Along with a fully tabbed score, see below.

Get Allegro BWV 998 Score

Grab your copy of the in depth study guide that goes along with these video lessons. Fully tabbed out, so there is no guess work to where your fingers need to go, along with all the left hand hacks and guides you need to perform this piece confidently.

Learn Bach’s Allegro (BWV 998)

This piece is in a galant style with a standard binary structure

  • A section, opening chord I to V
  • B section, CHORD V to I

The entire BWV 998 is a mature work of Bach’s, and was composed around 1735. It is also an allegorical piece (the original Eb key is just the start), that deals with the symbolism of the Trinity of Christ. It has a precedence in Bach’s works, he buried lots of signs and symbols within his music, not always religious either.

Bach BWV 998 Italianate Allegro

bwv 998 allegro bach guitar lesson

This piece is set in the Italian running sixteenth note style. Just like we had in the middle of the fugue. In fact, a few of the ideas from that middle section find their way into this final movement.

This next section moves again into a new character: two voice Italianate running sixteenth notes. This is a hall mark of the German Baroque period, mixed style. (And very much a musical idiom of Bach, he was able to combine different musical styles, he did it on purpose to extend his own language.) Two different forms of music combined. This section, while tricky, is technically a lot easier on the left hand. It does have it’s moments though. So practice those in isolation

The video below will help with the opening section ideas. Take it slow, and make sure you are very clear about where, and what, your left hand fingers are doing.

Allegro BWV998 in Micro Lessons

The following videos will begin to piece the B section ideas together, along with their development. Take it slowly and build it up, micro study by micro study.

Section 2 of the Allegro

This last video lesson deals with the ending ideas to the Allegro for BWV 998. We go over how Bach sets up the cadential ideas and makes it more exciting with his bass line development.

Bach BWV 998 Allegro guitar lesson

BWV998 Complete

That is it, all done. This is the final lesson of this massive baroque master piece. You are finished with learning this amazing musical statement. You just need to practice it. To begin with break the sections up into slightly smaller chunks, and add them slowly up together, to form a whole section.

Get the Prelude BWV998

Grab your copy of the amazing stile brise first movement to BWV998.

Get the Fugue BWV998

Grab your copy of the amazing middle movement to BWV 998.

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