bach bwv 998 classical guitar lesson

Bach Prelude BWV 998 Lesson

This guitar lesson deals with how to learn the awesome classical guitar piece: Prelude BWV 998 by J.S. Bach. It has a series of videos that will walk you through how to practice & effectively perform each section of this piece. Giving fingering tips, any hacks, and many more insights into learning this old masterpiece. Along with a fully tabbed score, see below.

Get Prelude BWV 998 Score

Grab your copy of the in depth study guide that goes along with these video lessons. Fully tabbed out, so there is no guess work to where your fingers need to go, along with all the left hand hacks and guides you need to perform this piece confidently. (Coming soon.)

Learn Bach’s Prelude (BWV 998)

This is a broken arpeggio (stile brise) prelude that is a homage to the lute masters of the Day, such as Bach’s friend S.L. Weiss. Who used this style of breaking up chords in a lot of his pieces. You are aiming for an improvised feel to the piece, as the harmony, is based on very common chord progressions that most Baroque musicians would know. This was not written for an organ, but more than likely the Lute Clavier that Bach invented, and had made especially for himself. Why is that important?

Bach BWV 998 Bass

Bach prelude BWV 998 classical guitar lessons

The bass notes as a generally rule are held on for as long as possible, even though the score explicitly states otherwise, as I have re-scored it above. There is of course the usual implied polyphony, 2 to 3 voices, in a single line. This has influenced my arrangement of the notes, so that the inner Tenor voice floats down string 4. That is of course you choice once you learn the piece. I have included alternative fingering for some bars, at the end of the video below. As I am aware there are more than one way to play this opening section.

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