Classical Guitar Master Micro Study 3 both hands

Classical Guitar Master Micro Study 3

Classical guitar master micro study 3 – both hands – is part of the #6stringinspiration series of short and sweet studies that target very specific ideas. These are for those who have very little time and want huge gains from tight focused practice ideas.

This micro study is the culmination of these studies below, make sure you have at least tried these studies below before attempting this.

Micro Study 3 – hammer ons

Micro Study 4 – pull offs

Guitar Master Micro Study 3 – Coordinate both hands

This is a a fantastic exercise which not only trains your LH slur action but also works the coordination between both hands. Make sure you are strict on the RH and the strings they pluck.

Finger Order:

1 2 3     1 3 4                 4 2 1     4 3 1

This exercise is begins with the strong combinations 124 and 421, and then works the weaker fingers. If you struggle with any particular combination begin with that first to strengthen it while you are mentally fresh.

classical guitar Master Micro study 3 both hands study

KEY Strategy

Get the LH  sorted first and then begin to utilize the RH as indicated in the dots above.

Other Info

Note: This guitar master study uses the left and right hand so that maximum concentration can be given to coordinating them, which not only improves finger control but also has a bearing on tone production. Practice mindfully.


Relaxed hands

The key to this exercise is making sure both hands are relaxed, if not you will find some combinations will feel harder than others. Practice coordination the hands at a slow tempo, and relaxed, then step up the speed. Only when you feel that the hands are effortless: require no additional thought to execute.

Want More?

Click the link below if you feel ready for a challenge, this micro study below is based on Brouwer’s Danza del Altiplano and works slurs and barres; basically a left hand workout and a half.

Micro Study 5 – Left hand conditioning

Or maybe you want to harmonize your practice? Check out this micro study which uses an idea from one of Rodrigo’s Concertos.

Micro Study 17 – harmonized guitars

Want the Dots?

No music for this example, use the video above to walk through the exercise. However they will be forthcoming in a new classical guitar technique manual. If you want to be informed to when this will be published, join the CGRocks community below.


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