coronavirus free online guitar lessons

Coronavirus Free Guitar Lessons

Want to stay sane during these unprecedented times, coronavirus, why not learn guitar: for free. I am offering free online guitar lessons here at CGRocks during the coronavirus lockdowns. Just fill your details in below.

Coronavirus & Free Guitar Lessons

Hi folks, Rhayn here; it seems 2020 is getting off to a bit of a rocky start. So having reached out to a few of you here at CGRocks, and after having spoken to a lot of my friends, and after a lot of careful deliberation. I want to offer my services, as they are, to a wider community effort. Free guitar lessons for those in need. All you have to do is reach out with the contact form below.

There are a lot of people who are facing an uncertain few months, some of you have already been told to stay indoors, some of you are still to to be told. But as this coronavirus is only really starting to take hold it is certain at some point all of us are probably facing some time indoors.

What to do with your free time.

coronavirus free guitar lessons pornhub

Now I applaud PornHub for their contribution, it is well meaning and bold. But there is only so much self love & nookie you can do in a day! You need something else.

What about the guitar?

Do you want helping learning it. Free guitar lessons all this year! There are a few links below to some guitar lessons on here that will help get you started. But maybe you need more help.

Coranavirus Guitar Lessons

Maybe you have put off learning, or possibly you want to pick it up after awhile. Or it is possible you need a teacher to help with pieces, chords or aural transcription. Or maybe, just maybe you just need someone who is as devoted to music as you are to discuss the merits of Jimi Page vs Jimi Hendrix; or the fine points of John Williams vs Julian Bream; or a positive playlist that you could sit down and listen to; or maybe a calming playlist as your family are driving you nuts; or maybe just to have a chat with a guitar or coffee in hand.

Be Positive

coronavirus free guitar lessons mental health

That is what this is going to be about. Making sure no guitarist is left behind. There is enough negativity in the world right now, I want to add some positivity to the mix.

Music is the source.

It is magic. You think back over your life and I can bet that some where along the lines there are tunes that just bring memories flooding back. Your first kiss, the first time you got in the car and drove on your own, your wedding, a friend. Music is part of the social fabric of our lives. And it is what is going to help with getting through this.

Coronavirus & Mental Health

Along with washing your hands, copiously for 20 seconds, lots of coffee and tea and a ton of patience, compassion and understanding. And above all else: no panic buying of loo roll. (WTF is that all about any way!?). You are going to need some mental resilience to get through. Here is a link to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand’s page with some awesome strategies for coping.

Free Guitar Lessons How!?

Fill in the form above and let me know what you are after, and when you are available and it can be done on Instagram, Skype or FB.

Coronavirus free guitar lessons are real and I will try and fit everyone in, depending on demand. Reach out if you have questions. Or just want a chat. But please don’t sit at home, watching the news, whilst panic buying sanitizer and Justin Bieber albums on ebay – that is just not healthy for you.

Please keep a safe social distance and only lick your guitar strings if they are fresh on (and never any one else’s – that’s just wrong!).

peace, love, & only fist bumps


Ed. Classical Guitar Rocks

First lesson is about setting goals in your guitar lessons.

Second lesson below is all about getting to know all those notes.


Classical guitarist who strives to share a little #6stringinspiration.

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