Fuoco – Libra Sonatine – Roland Dyens

Fuoco – Libra Sonatine – Roland Dyens

This is a guitar lesson on the amazing Fuoco section, from Libra Sonatine, by Roland Dyens. And it is going to help you learn the 3rd movement, how to play it up to speed, and any hacks you need to nail Dyens’ flashiest piece of music. All through small bite size micro studies.

Fuoco – Libra Sonatine by Roland Dyens

libra sonatone fuoco guitar lesson
Percussion in Libra Sonatine

Fuoco – Libra Sonatine by Roland Dyens is the final movement to this three movement work. It is known for its speed, percussion and flashy ideas. Which this lesson will step through

Fuoco for Fire Extra lesson 1

libra sonatone fuoco guitar lesson bartok pizzicato
Dyens’ Bartok pizz sign.

The Fuoco movement for Libra Sonatine requires you to have a load of extra techniques in your playing arsenal for classical guitar. This first bonus lesson will help explain the Bartok pizzicato. What it is, how to play it, and what it looks like. This comes up in lots of modern pieces. So get your head around it now.

In this third video we dive into the third section with all its outside melody, right hand fine control. This section is very beautiful, but it requires a steady hand to nail those melodic notes, while not over powering the accompaniment.

Jazz in the Fuoco Fire

This fourth video we tackle those awesome jazz ideas, where Dyens walks through a series of chord shapes, with series jazz overtones. It is this addition to the Fuoco that really adds extra interest to the listener, as well as referencing the first movement.

Percusion in Fuoco Libra Sonatine

The funky bass player in Fuoco

The next section has a funky bass part, as well as a drummer, and accompaniment. There is a lot here. You are going to need to learn the movements, in chunks, and slowly to build up to playing this section. It is a fantastic, flashy ending to this piece. So, well worth the effort.

Fuoco Libra Sonatine bonus lessons

Below are a series of very short bonus lessons that will help you nail all the percussion and bass ideas that Roland Dyens wants in this final flashy ending to Fuoco. First up is a one on how to actually practice for speed.

The second will show you how to nail that funky, slap bass part, on the guitar. It is all in the wrist!

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