Guitars and Airlines: the Guitar Tube.

Since 9/11 flying with a guitar on any airline has become a little more difficult and expensive. This editorial details a solution I came up with in response to flying from the UK to Auckland New Zealand. Simply called the Guitar Tube. This post is going to form part of series about moving internationally as a guitarist.

Trying to fly with a guitar these days leaves you empathizing more and more with Oliver: “Please sir, could I have some more?” Most airlines do not allow guitars on board unless you pay for an extra seat. So the alternatives are: Do a Martin Taylor and buy a military grade case that will survive the hold..


Martin Taylor’s Travel Rig (SKB Hard Case)


pay for the guitar to be wrapped at the airport professional and hope it will survive the hold

Bag Wrap at Heathrow London


the Guitar Tube.

Guitar Tube & Accessories

Guitar Tube & Accessories


What is the Guitar Tube? Well it is just an A0 art tube here from and a cheap silent guitar. The guitar itself can be bought here from, it is a Sojing 020A and does have an input and electronics so if push comes to shove could be gigged. However I mainly use it to practice on. Due to the lateness of my move I didn’t even get to use the planned bubble wrap to insulate the neck in the tube. All I had was a padded envelope to place around the bottom and top of the neck. Below is the video of the guitar being put together after the 36 hour flight.

Totally utilitarian and unplanned. However it survived the 18 643 km, three airplane trip from London to Auckland. Hopefully this post gives you some more options next time you wish to fly and play.


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