Largo – Libra Sonatine – Roland Dyens lesson

Largo – Libra Sonatine – Roland Dyens lesson

This is a guitar lesson on the beautiful Largo section, from Libra Sonatine, by Roland Dyens. And it is going to help you learn the 2nd movement, how to play those jazz chords, and any hacks you need to nail Dyens’ fantastic piece of music. All through small bite size micro studies. This is modern classical guitar at its best. And will improve your knowledge of the fretboard, and your technique.

Largo – Libra Sonatine by Roland Dyens

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Jazz harmony in Libra Sonatine

Largo – Libra Sonatine by Roland Dyens is the middle movement to this three movement work. It is chock full of jazz chords, progressive harmony and languid ideas. This first lesson will help you get that opening off the page and under your fingers. You will learn how to play a double bass (contre basse) on guitar, and how to get a jazz trio vibe going.

Largo for Slowly Going Under

The largo movement in Libra Sonatine has a lot of big, juicy chords in it. This 2nd lesson will cover the rest of the main chords to this section. Along with harmonics, and rakes.

In this third video for the Largo section we dive into the ending of this 2nd section of Libra Sonatine, with all its outside melody, right hand fine control. This section is very beautiful, but it requires a steady hand to nail those melodic notes, while not over powering the accompaniment.


Below are some extra short lessons from the next movement that will help you dive into it with confidence.

Libra Sonatine bonus lessons – 3rd Movement

Below are a series of very short bonus lessons that will help you nail all the percussion and bass ideas that Roland Dyens wants in this final flashy ending to Fuoco. First up is a one on how to actually practice for speed.


The second will show you how to nail that funky, slap bass part, on the guitar. It is all in the wrist!


This third video shows you how to slap and pop your way to the end of the 3rd Fuoco movement. This is just fun to play. And looks very impressive when you get it right.

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Check out this lesson on Dyens’ mighty tango inspired joke piece below. Not for the faint-hearted.


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