Learn Caprice 15 by Luigi legnani (Quick Guitar Lesson)

Learn Caprice 15 by Luigi legnani (Quick Guitar Lesson)

10 minutes is all you need to pick up this new guitar lesson on Caprice 15 by Luigi Legnani. In it, you will learn this amazingly fun, and fast, little caprice. How to nail the opening chords, and then speed through the second section’s sextuplet slurs. Let’s dive into Caprice 15 by Luigi Legnani and extend our repertoire and technique in one quick fire guitar lesson. The video walk through will help you nail this awesome 19th century piece, with tips & hacks, that will have you playing it in under 10 minutes. 

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Learn Leganani’s Classical Opening


This Caprice 15 by Luigi Legnani has a very classic classical guitar opening, 19th century harmony, with melody, bass and accompaniment. The right hand is going to use fine control to mix the voices and balance the chords. Bar 10 is really the only challenging material, again a staple of Golden Era classical guitar ideas. This first section then repeats before heading into the second section’s slurs.

Legnani Caprice 15 Show Off Idea


Slurs. These will require some left-hand dexterity to pull off at high speed. They are not impossible, though. And you will find your little finger developing muscles you never knew it had. The bar to practice first will be bar 23, this requires 3 strings, and a shift to nail. So laser ahead and get your right hand fingers sorted before you start wood shedding this moment.

Legnani, Slurs & a Bass Line


The next few bars, 33 onwards, where you have a descending bass line over a static idea, will need some practice as well. This idea can be fingered differently (slur fingers), so I urge you to experiment with this to get the fingers that work best for your style of playing.

Right & Left Hands in Caprice 15

There is no doubt, this lesson will help your right-hand fine control, and left-hand dexterity. But did you know it will help strengthen your coordination? Both hands will need to be working solidly as a synchronised unit. The RH fingers plucking strings, as the LH descends to slur them. There is very little room to prepare fingers beforehand. As a modern classical guitarist, these little challenging pieces are better for your technique than actual studies. They are also food for your soul. Make micro studies of anything that challenges you, and wood shed it. This will help level up that particular technique, or idea in your arsenal.

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