Learn Prelude 3 by Villa-Lobos

Learn Prelude 3 by Villa-Lobos

This post deals with how to learn the awesome classical guitar piece: Prelude 3 by Villa-Lobos. It has a one video that will walk you through how to practice and effectively perform this piece. Giving fingering tips, any hacks, and many more insights into learning this piece. Along with a study guide, see below.

Get Villa-Lobos Prelude 3 Study Guide

Grab your copy of the in depth study guide that goes along with these video lessons. Fully tabbed out, so there is no guess work to where your fingers need to go, along with all the left hand hacks and guides you need to perform this piece confidently. (Coming soon.)

Learn Prelude 3 by Villa-Lobos

This guitar lesson below will help you learn, and play, the spectacular prelude 3 by Villa-Lobos. With its modern arpeggio opening and second section homage to Bach. This is a beautiful impressionistic piece for all classical guitarists, and one that is a love letter from Villa-Lobos to J.S. Bach. Lets dive into this piece a little deeper below.

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Join the CGRocks community and get lessons like Villa-Lobos Prelude 3 delivered to your in box. And that is just the tip of the lesson iceberg. This is the only place on the net where you can learn all 12 of Villa-Lobos’ etudes, step by step. Along with loads more.

What is next!?

Next in the series is Prelude No. 4 by Villa-Lobos. This modern piece utilizes a lot of ideas from the 12 etudes so if you haven’t already it is worthwhile going over No. 2.


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