Learn Prelude 5 by Villa-Lobos

This post deals with how to learn the awesome classical guitar piece: Prelude 5 by Villa-Lobos. It has three videos that will walk you through how to practice and effectively perform each section of this piece. Giving fingering tips, any hacks, and many more insights into learning this piece. Along with a study guide, see below.

Get Villa-Lobos Prelude 5 Study Guide

Grab your copy of the in depth study guide that goes along with these video lessons. Fully tabbed out, so there is no guess work to where your fingers need to go, along with all the left hand hacks and guides you need to perform this piece confidently. (Coming soon.)

Learn Prelude 5 by Villa-Lobos

This guitar lesson below will help you learn, and play, the beautiful prelude 5 by Villa-Lobos. With its chordal melodic opening, 6/4 waltz time (and how to nail it) and cello melody hints. This is a challenge for all classical guitarists, and (dare I say it) one you should try as it is underplayed. Lets dive into this piece a little deeper below.

Learn the Chords first

learn prelude 5 by villa-lobos classical guitar lesson with TAB

The above video in on prelude 5, and it deals with that challenging chords, and fingering of the first section. The main tip here is: smart fingering, use guide fingers as much as possible. RH fine control will be required to bring out the melody as it moves from the first string, and the soprano voice, into string 4 and the alto range. There are a couple of LH alternatives here due to the ability to play some chords in two places on the fretboard.

Prelude 5 Cello Melody

prelude 5 villa lobos guitar lesson section B

Below is the next section for Prelude 5 by Villa-Lobos. In it we dive into the cello based ideas of the second section. Villa-Lobos has a long love affair with the cello, and this idea pop up in Etude 11 and Prelude 1. If you have played through these already you will be well placed to tackle this section. You will need RH fine control to bring the cello line out, and a decent barre chord technique to hold those shapes.

Prelude 5 Final Section

Below is the final section for Prelude 5. In it we dive into the chord shapes of the last short section. You are going to shifting around a fair bit in this section so laser ahead of your hands. The shapes will need to be connected with fluid changes, so aim for a legato technique – hold longer, shift quicker.

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What is next!?

Next is the last in the series, Prelude No. 6 by Villa-Lobos, just click the link below. No! Only joking. Shortly we will cover the Villa-Lobos Choros. But for now enjoy the free Villa-Lobos Etude No. 6 course below.

FREE Etude 6 (Villa-Lobos) COURSE

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