Leo Brouwer Etude 6 (120 Ways)

Leo Brouwer Etude 6 (120 Ways)

Leo Brouwer Etude 6 is being revisited in this brand new in depth lesson, which will use the 120 right hand studies of Mauro Giuliani to really push your playing up a level. Let’s dive into how to use old familiar studies to make technical gains.

Leo Brouwer Etude 6

Can you play etude 6 by Leo Brouwer already? If the answer is yes, please proceed. However if not you will struggle with these lessons slightly. Never fear, I have already done an video which has: with a chord by chord break down; musical tips; how to nail Brouwer’s right hand patterns; and more. Just check it out below and come back when you’re ready.

Etude 6 Re imagined

Etude 6 by Leo Brouwer, once learnt, is not the most challenging of studies. Even though it does take a bit to play. So how can we make it more challenging? Well Brouwer left us a clue on the score, see below, and one that has been puzzling guitarists since. He suggest that etude 6 will be able to take other right hand patterns.

leo brouwer etude 6 classical guitar lesson
This etude will admit new formulas.

Get your detailed copy for this lesson below

Mauro Giuliani & his Right Hand

So how do you change what Brouwer wrote? Should you?

These questions have never fully been explored until now. They are questions I have been asking as a guitarist, and then as a teacher, for at least a decade or so (a little closer to almost two decades). And the answer is: you don’t! You enlist the help of of one the nineteenth centuries best, and arguable most flamboyant, classical guitarists – Mauro Giuliani.

His set of 120 right hand studies work wonderfully with Etude 6 by Leo Brouwer. Its modern harmony completely alters the context of the patterns and thus makes it more of a challenge to perform.

120 Ways to Play Etude 6 by Leo Brouwer

Below is the first video to this new series, in it I step through how to practice the first 17 patterns, as well as give some general tips for getting the most out of the patterns.

Etude 6 Right Hand Patterns

Once you have taken an in depth look into Giuliani’s patterns you find he was an exceptionally pedantic teacher. This makes for a full set of right hand patterns that work everything from scales, to arpeggios, along with tremolo. This also means you will be working through some patterns which have just a technical slant, and some patterns which have a musical slant. The next set of patterns below are for technique, Giuliani works a series of chords across a triplet bass line pattern.

Etude 6 Performed

Have you actually heard this study? If you haven’t check out this full length play through with Brouwer’s original right hand patterns.


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