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Micro Study 10 – Diminished Arpeggio 4

Micro study 10 – diminished arpeggio 4, part off a new series – #6stringinspiration – of short and sweet studies that target very specific musical bars or techniques. These are for those who have very little time and want huge gains from tight focused practice ideas.

Micro Study 10 – Diminished Arpeggio 4

This is a work out for fast chord shifts, whilst playing a high speed right hand arpeggio pattern. The chord progression is diminished into Amin/E & E.

KEY Strategy

Process this as a physical feeling

It is based on Joe Satriani’s arpeggio run in Tears in the Rain (See below for video). This is the final lesson, of 4, where the diminished chord has been broken apart and reordered (rhythmically). Having built on all of those lessons the main aim here is pure unadulterated speed – which is finely controlled.

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Your information on this arpeggio, built up across the above 3 lessons should now just be about segments. Remember that once you are up to speed you won’t have time to think about each chord as individual movements; just as chunks! Now all that work you have put in above will pay off as the goal here is: learning to make the progression fluid.

Other Info

Note: This study is based on a diminished chord which has the ability to be in 4 other keys: G# B D F


CHUNK [diminished LH chord shape + relaxed RH sequential burst]

Get used to not thinking in individual movements but  chunks of physical feelings: LH chord feeling with RH burst feeling. Then all you need to do is concentrate on the shift – which will need to be lasered ahead of the hands for accurate placement

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Micro Study 10

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