Micro Study 12 – Legato 2

Micro Study 12 – Legato 2

Micro study 12 – legato 2, is part off a new series – #6stringinspiration – of short and sweet studies that target very specific musical bars or techniques. These are for those who have very little time and want huge gains from tight focused practice ideas.

Micro Study 12 – Legato 2

This is a left hand legato workout using pull-offs in the key of…

KEY Strategy

Even tone; even rhythms

It is a 2nd part of a tiny idea borrowed from Joaquin Rodrigo’s Concierto Madrigal for two guitars. The idea floats down a single string with pull-offs every two beats. Aim for relaxed LH fingers, and do not rush the legato movement. The tone of the pull-off should even with the tone of the first note – the RH pluck

This micro study is slightly more challenging as it uses the LH little finger more and on a thicker string, in the middle of the fretboard. This means closer attention needs to be paid to tone production.If the little finger is proving stubborn to move up there, isolate the first 4 beats and practice them all over the fretboard.

Remember that once you are up to speed you won’t have time to think about each individual finger movement so chunk the material up into beats and shifts.

Other Info

Note: This study uses the G major/E minor scale, and therefore 90% of the notes are from the natural scale (there is only 1 sharp F#). This means this is an excellent exercise to help memorize the fretboard, as well as practice legato.


Pull down & know you notes

Even though the technique is called pull-off, what you are actually doing is pulling down and plucking the string with the LH. So if your tone is weak or the notes do not pop, examine how you are executing the legato line.

Do you know those notes up at position IX? This micro study will help cement them into memory, if you actively practice: saying & playing.

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