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Micro Study 24 – Right Hand Basics 5

Micro study 24 – right hand basics 5, is part of a new series – #6stringinspiration – of short and sweet studies that target very specific ideas. These are for those who have very little time and want huge gains from tight focused practice ideas.

Micro Study 24 – Right Hand Basics 5

This is a right hand exercise for basic planting, execution and tone; and thumb independence. This time it is working the RH in triplets with:


KEY Strategy


This is a level 3 basic micro study, part of a daily warm up routine, that covers the mechanics of using the right hand effectively to play arpeggios. This one works the triplets as a series of six notes: sextuplets. And is the advanced lesson to micro study 22 & 23

Micro Study 22 – P I M

Planting is key to getting this successful. Planting is the pads of the skin touching the string first, then you stroke back across the nails – thus moving the string and producing tone. It is key to gaining security on the strings, that way you always know where you’re fingers are playing.

Check out Micro study 19 for a closer look into planting

micro study 19

Other Info

Note: This study uses the open strings on purpose, by cutting back on coordination and thus complexity, you are able to concentrate on getting the stroke into your nervous system properly. Thus making it a natural part of your technique. Coordination is a skill set unto itself and should be practiced as such.


Mindful chunks

The key to fast speeds on the guitar is chunking the information up. In this case, if you have already worked through micro study 22 & 23 you have done that already. It is then just a case  of letting the nervous system get used to the new sextuplet info chunk – slow mindful practice first: be aware of the fingers as they plant and play. Once this becomes easy, speed up the chunk.

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Micro Study 24

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