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Micro Study 31 – Right Hand Rasgueo 4

Micro study 31 – right hand rasgueo 4 is part of the – #6stringinspiration – series of short and sweet studies that target very specific ideas. These are for those who have very little time and want huge gains from tight focused practice ideas.

Micro Study 31 – Right Hand Rasgueo 4

This is a right hands only exercise, the first of six micro studies for practicing all combinations of rasgueo.

Rasgueo is utilized in the Flamenco guitar tradition, especially when accompanying a dancer-it cuts through all noise. In the classical tradition it has been some what refined and as such there are a variety of finger combinations to practice. This first micro study however deals with getting the right hand fingers moving independently. Be warned, if you haven’t practiced this before you will find this a little tough! So go slow. The video above also include the micro study 30 at a faster tempo…something to aim for.

Finger Order:

e a m i


This fourth level exercise works the right hand in a continuous cycle of finger rolls, and then with fast burst rolls. You should feel your entire forearm warming up with this exercise. If you have followed the previous rasgueo posts, this micro study should not be too much of a challenge. If not here are the links to the first three:

Micro Study 28 – Rasgueo 1

Micro Study 29 – Rasgueo 2

Micro Study 30 – Rasgueo 3

(Some of these are going to be quite tough, so be gentle, and go slow.)

KEY Strategy

Gaining finger independence is a slow process, but it is crucial to playing guitar-any style. This exercise utilizes all of the right hand fingers in a motion that is contrary to normal practice-away from the body. This builds up right hand strength and independence.

Notice in the video that my fingers are now loose and relaxed.

Other Info

Note: This study uses the right hand only so that maximum concentration can be given to this exercise, which not only improves finger control but also has a bearing on tone production. Practice mindfully.


Relaxed chunks

Notice in the video how my fingers are very relaxed. They also work in chunks, all built up across the last 4 exercises. These are then put together in sets, 4 fingers at a time, of rolls.

And Remember: only move the fingers you need to.

Want More?

Click the link below if you want to go back to the beginning of the series.

Beginning of #6stringinspiration series link

Want the Dots?

No music for this example, use the video above to walk through the exercise. Dots will be forthcoming in the last rasgueo video.

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