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Micro Study 6 – Timing & the Metronome 1

Micro study 6 – timing & the metronome 1, kicks off a new series – #6stringinspiration – of short and sweet studies that target very specific musical bars or techniques. These are for those who have very little time and want huge gains from tight focused practice ideas.

Micro Study 6 – Timing & the Metronome

This is a very short work out for left hand chord shapes and working with the metronome effectively – learning to keep time.

KEY Strategy

The tempo is kept by you & and checked against the metronome

It is based on shell voicings and part of Chick Corea’s Spain progression, which in turn was inspired by Rodrigo’s Aranajuez. The ability to keep time internally is the goal, and by placing the metronome on beats 2 & 4 of a bar, like jazz does, will help with this. It forces you to always be aware of the tempo, and really highlights any rushing or dragging of the beat. The

Use a metronome on slow speeds, as in essence you are doubling its tempo – 50 bpm (2 & 4) = 100 (quarter notes)

Other Info

Note: This study is based on a half time Samba rhythm and feel, so you need to really practice those off beats and the placement.


Know where the beats land

Know exactly which beats land on and with the metronome click, and which push against it, like the off beats. Build up an internal rhythmic map with chords that are off or on.

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