Fireworks New Years Eve

New Year, New Directions

Happy New Year from all of us here at Classical Guitar Rocks, 2017 is going to be a full of great guitar goodies here at CGRocks. So, to kick off the year we have opted to share some New Year guitar inspiration via YouTube.

These videos have been curated by our Ed. Rhayn Jooste to boost you over the new-year-January-blues. They are masterclass videos from the worlds best classical guitarist.

They kick off with William Kanengiser (of the LAGQ), then into Gaelle Solal, and the the ever irrepressible Roland Dyens (who is sorely missed).

There is a ton of insight on a whole host of pieces, from Kanengiser on Dyens’ Fuoco (that really fast end to his Libra Sonatine) to a young Scott Tenant and Marcelo Kayath playing in the ’86 Segovia masterclass.

There is Stephen Goss, Jason Vieaux, Pavel Steidl, Fabion Zanon, Pepe Romero and even a very rare John Willaims masterclass.

Pick a video, grab a pen and paper and dive in for some Creativity and GET SOME INSPIRATION this year. (You might need a year to get through all these insightful videos)



Classical guitarist who strives to share a little #6stringinspiration.

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