Orange Legato Workout

This short Orange legato workout, inspired by Concerto De Aranjuez, is designed to work all finger combinations in a moto perpetuo slurring exercise. It is split into 4 bar sections with each section concentrating on common left hand combinations.

This workout is based upon the end run of first short cadenza from movement one of Rodrigo‘s Concerto De Aranjuez. It is all about working common left hand finger combinations in one exercise. It starts obviously and then adds in split combinations. Depending on your own personal routine, these will test whether you are able to integrate all possible finger combinations fluidly.

Best way to approach this workout is to start slow until memorized and then ratchet it up each day until you have your desired speed. The more relaxed you are at slower tempos the easier it will be to execute at higher speeds. So remember this motto:

Slowly & Perfectly

The workout is structured so that each section goes through a mode based on the root note – A.

and they are as follows:

Remember when executing:

Pull-offs are really just left hand plucks downwards and that hammer-ons require precision and speed, not strength. Here is a Video Link to the concerto performed live for the BBC proms in 2011 with John Williams playing guitar : 2’44” is the inspiration point for this workout.

Free download of the Workout.


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