villa lobos etude no. 5 classical guitar lesson

Approaching Etude No. 5 Villa-Lobos

This post deals with how to approach learning the awesome Etude No. 5 by Villa-Lobos. It has a series of videos that will walk you through how to learn and effectively practice this study, with extra lessons on planting and nailing the the texture. It is the fifth in the series for the #villalobos12in12 challenge.

Approaching Etude No. 1

Approaching Etude No. 2

Approaching Etude No. 3

Approaching Etude No. 4

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The video lesson below correspond to the free guide which you get when joining the challenge. So why not challenge yourself today with etude No. 4.

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#villalobos12in12! what is that?

I bet, like me, you want to play all 12 of Villa-Lobos’ awesome studies? And not just kind of perform them, but actually play and understand them!

Have you found it a little tough to get some of them started, or even finished? Well I have created a unique method for learning these awesome studies. The intro video below explains what it is all about.

If you haven’t got it already, here is the best edition to buy currently for Villa-Lobos’ 12 Etudes.

Zigante Edition on Amazon

If you’re wondering why! Check out this detailed post on all the current editions available, and why I have chosen this particle one; or which recording to buy.

Full of detail and long post on editions

Review of the Best Recordings of the Etudes

Short Cut Tip

The short cut tip is practice both hands together in small chunks, slowly and mindfully. Do not rush this etude, it has a lot to offer your classical guitar technique for making melodies stand out.

Basic Technique Lessons


Learning Etude 5 & RH Control

Etude no. 5 classical guitar lesson

The video below walks through learning etude no. 4. The approach taken to this study is the same as no. 1. Hands are separated and you work on basic open string exercises, to learn the patterns, and the LH chord shapes. Check the video out for full details. And again all example are fully tabbed out in the free study guide, get it now in your inbox and follow along.

Melody & Bass Gets Serious

Villa-Lobos etude 5 classical guitar lesson

The video below steps through the second section of etude no. 5. This is where Villa-Lobos begins to develop his melody and bass ideas across the fretboard. Guide fingers, common fingers and lazering ahead are going to be key words here. Check out the video for full details.

More posts will be added as we move through March 2019

The end?

Not quite, if you haven’t already please grab your free copy of the study guide by joining our community below. It is all about learning guitar together.

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Etude No. 6 Next

Next in the series is Etude No. 6 by Villa-Lobos. This study focuses on playing chords, and solidifying RH control. It is a great  piece and will really challenge your overall playing technique for classical guitar.


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