classical guitar magazine lesson 2

Villa-Lobos Etude No. 1 & CG Magazine

Have you got the Summer 2016 edition of the all new Classical Guitar Magazine?

classical guitar magazine lesson 2

Apart from the awesomeness that is John Williams and his guitar, there are loads of tips and articles including one by our own Editor: Rhayn Jooste. If you need a copy of the lesson head over to the Classical Guitar Magazine website, here, its available to read for free!

classical guitar magazine lesson 1

It is a lesson based on Villa-Lobos‘s Etude No. 1; it deals with utilizing educed etudes or micro studies to gain the most out of your time in the wood shed honing and practicing the classical guitar.

classical guitar magazine lesson 3There is a video demonstration below which steps you through all 4 micro studies and some extra’s, along with the best fingering for the chords and shifts.


#villalobos12in12! what is that?

I bet, like me, you want to play all 12 of Villa-Lobos’ awesome studies? And not just kind of perform them, but actually play and understand them!

Have you found it a little tough to get some of them started, or even finished?

Want some help?

#villalobos12in12 is a community led challenge that aspires to inspire and help get these fantastic pieces up and running. And it all starts here at CGRocks. We are going to cover 1 study a month, beginning January 2019.

We are kicking off the #villalobos12in12 challenge with Etude 1 and progress from there. Hopefully you gain a deeper understanding of these awesome pieces, be able to confidently perform them and improve your technique. ‘Cos that is what’s going to happen. Being able to play all 12 etudes will drastically improve your technique: if you practice mindfully, that is!

Fill in your details join the #villalobos12in12 challenge and get your copy of the Etude 1 study guide straight to your inbox now – FREE!


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