8 Simple Sor Studies by Rhayn Jooste

New Book: 8 Simple Sor Studies

Are you learning classical guitar and want to improve? Have you ever wondered what techniques professional guitarists utilize to learn music on the guitar? Check out this new book: 8 Simple Sor Studies from our Editor Rhayn Jooste.


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8 Simple Studies

The title is a play on words as the book uses simple music to convey advanced ideas. So within its pages you get the usual technical fair such as learning notes, the basic guitar strokes (free and rest) and how to play rhythms.

Each study has a write up with it (see the below gallery for Study 1) which covers the music, the key and any devices Sor is using withing it; the technical details within the study; and then advanced concepts to try out with the study. Along with a tip box.

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Advanced Classical Guitar

The book then dives deeper into professional level techniques such as reading music (from the score away from the guitar), how to craft your tone, phrasing and fretboard geography. All of these topics are introduced step by step in a practical manner: you actually play the music and practice these techniques straight away.

There is a whole raft of information within this book, below is a small selection from the book.

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Kindle Version

So grab the Kindle version here with this link. That way you will always be up to date.

Book Version

Or grab the book version here with this link. As a bonus Rhayn is giving away the kindle version free with every book sold.

Free Lessons

In the coming months this site will be hosting a series of free lessons taken from this book. If you want to stay ahead of the crowd, why not sign up and get these before anyone else. Join the CGrocks community and get some #6stringinspiration today.

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